Company Profile

Welcome to Vicacres Real Estate, where a rich history intersects with cutting-edge real estate expertise to redefine the dynamics of property transactions. With roots dating back to ancient civilizations, the real estate industry has witnessed profound transformations in the modern era. The last two decades, in particular, have seen the emergence of online platforms and new business models, reshaping how buyers and sellers connect in the ever-evolving global marketplace. In this dynamic landscape, Vicacres Real Estate stands as a beacon of experience and innovation, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity.

For over thirty years, Vicacres Real Estate has been a trailblazer, navigating the complex terrain of the real estate industry with unwavering commitment. We recognize the pivotal role real estate plays in the economy – providing not just spaces to live, but also to work and conduct business. Our legacy is built on a foundation of adaptability, as we have consistently embraced new technologies and evolving market dynamics to stay at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

As bespoke real estate land specialists, Vicacres focuses exclusively on large-scale industrial, commercial, and residential development sites in Victoria. Our proven track record in transacting some of the region’s largest land development sites is a testament to our proficiency. When you choose Vicacres, you entrust your property to a team with a strong database encompassing major corporate and privately owned companies active in the development site space.

What sets us apart is our unique understanding of the factors driving an active buyer. This, coupled with our robust relationships in the marketplace and insight into project pipelines, enables us to transact properties swiftly and efficiently. At Vicacres, we go beyond conventional approaches, developing one-off property strategies that think outside the box. Drawing from both commercial and residential backgrounds, these strategies aim to deliver unparalleled results for property owners.

Whether you are considering selling or leasing industrial, commercial, or residential properties, Vicacres Real Estate offers a bespoke and strategic approach tailored to your needs. Our commitment is not just to transactions but to partnerships that foster growth and success. If you are ready to discuss your property or current requirements, reach out to us for a private discussion. With Vicacres, your property journey is marked by experience, innovation, and a commitment to delivering the out-and-out best results for you.