Why Sell With Us 

Our Story

Selling your industrial or commercial property with Vicacres Real Estate offers unique benefits tailored to the specialized nature of these properties.

Here are key advantages to choosing Vicacres for the sale of industrial and commercial land:

  1. Specialised Expertise: Vicacres Real Estate specializes in industrial and commercial land transactions. Our agents possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities within this niche market, ensuring you receive expert guidance tailored to your property type.
  2. Targeted Marketing Strategies: Benefit from our targeted marketing strategies designed for industrial and commercial properties. The Vicacres Real Estate team employs specialized resources, including industry-specific listings, professional photography, and tailored brochures, ensuring your property is effectively showcased to a targeted audience of potential buyers in the industrial and commercial sector.
  3. Industry Networks: Our extensive networks extend beyond traditional real estate channels to include industry professionals crucial to industrial and commercial transactions. This includes connections with professionals such as environmental consultants, zoning experts, and developers, enhancing the overall selling process and providing you with access to a network specific to your property type.
  4. Advanced Negotiation Skills: Selling industrial and commercial land often involves complex negotiations. Rest assured that our agents are skilled in navigating these complexities, ensuring that you secure the best possible deal for your property. Their understanding of the unique factors influencing industrial and commercial transactions is a key asset in achieving favorable terms.
  5. Time-Efficiency in Specialized Tasks: Selling industrial and commercial land comes with its own set of unique tasks. Vicacres Real Estate streamlines the process, saving you time by efficiently handling specialized tasks such as coordinating environmental assessments, managing zoning documentation, and addressing inquiries from potential buyers with industry-specific knowledge.

With Vicacres Real Estate, selling your industrial or commercial land is not just a transaction; it’s a strategic partnership that capitalizes on our specialized expertise, targeted marketing, and industry-specific networks to ensure a successful and advantageous sale.

It is important to do your research and choose a real estate agency that aligns with your goals when selling your property, so please get in touch with our team at Vicacres Real Estate directly to discuss your specific needs.

Our Values and Purpose

Our purpose is to create a place where we can facilitate our peoples’ growth. Our values are

At our real estate agency, we believe in always acting with honesty and transparency in all our dealings with clients, colleagues, and other industry professionals.

Our agents maintain high standards of professionalism in all aspects of their work, including communication, appearance, and conduct, to provide exceptional service to clients.

Our real estate agents have a thorough understanding of the local real estate market, as well as the legal and financial aspects of buying and selling property.

Our agents have the ability to understand and respond to the needs and concerns of our clients, and work to find the best solution for their unique situation.